The St. Clair County Genealogy Project
Formerly the Four Towns Genealogy Project
The St. Clair County Genealogy Project is an effort of The Irish-American Club of St. Clair County to develop a comprehensive online database of the early Irish settlers of St. Clair County, Michigan.

It is an outgrowth of the Four Towns Genealogy Project. The Four Towns are the townships in central St. Clair County settled approximately 1850, centered around the village of Emmett (then Emmet). They are Emmett, Kenockee, Riley and Wales Townships. The eventual plan was to include the rest of St. Clair County.

You are encouraged to investigate the database and offer additional information and corrections where needed. Individuals of all nationalities will be included although the focus is Irish Immigrants because that is our interest.

Please be aware that this is very much a work under construction, and as such it will contain errors. Please feel free to offer corrections and addition. Many of the birth dates are estimates based on the reported age at the time of the census and may be off by one or two years, or more. It seems that the responses to the census-takers were based on memory and the farmers didn't seem inclined to leave the fields to check the family bible for the ages of all of the children.

The database excludes the names of any individual below the age of 20 for privacy reasons.